About Us

Nieman Consulting Services has over 15 years experience dealing with various Nonprofit Organizations, in the areas of Training, Fundraising, Event Planning and assisting new nonprofits with their 501c3 filing with the IRS.

We are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations in becoming their best in their professional  and personal image, through workshop trainings  and coaching.   We are a member of the Professional Woman Network.

We are experienced, highly qualified, and discreet professionals, with excellent references and a broad range of skills.


We have the experience to help you get the job done. Whether you are looking for fundraising, development, event planning, seminars on particular topics, conferences or need assistance in getting your Nonprofit Status, we are here to  assist you.

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Nieman Consulting Services has the experience to help you  grow!

Our Commitment

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time, and get you great results.

P.O. Box 528, Oscoda, MI | 989-569-4216