Services We Provide:

Nonprofit Filing Status:

We have assisted a number of Nonprofit Organizations in the preparation of their filing documents.  Getting your nonprofit status from the IRS does take time.  We can coach you through your Articles of Incorporation, your bylaws and the filing out of your Form 1023 or 1024, or we can do the work for you. We can assist you with part or all of the process. 

Our fees will be determined on the amount of work needed to prepare your documents. This process can take any where from 16 - 30 hours of actual work time.  There can be time delays based if we have questions and are unable to reach the organization's contact person.   Contact Colleen for our prices.  

Your State and IRS filing fees will be determined on the information provided and your budget. Please note the IRS can take up to 4 -18 months to return your determination letter to you.

Basic Coaching you through the process and Review - $250 + State and IRS Filing Fees

Full Service (to include the preparation of the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, the 1023/1024 forms and all supporting documents, double checked for accuracy) $400 -$900 depending on the amount of time it takes. State and IRS Filing Fees not included.

Express Services - $250 in addition to the regular rates.

Fundraising and Event Planning:

We have over 30 years combined non profit fundraising and event planning.  We have trained hundreds of event volunteers to deal with over one thousand event participants.  Each event, whether it is a conference or a fundraising event, each event will have a custom plan developed to meet your needs.  Are you in need of a staff retreat or a fund raising event planned?   Contact us and we discuss your needs and build a custom
suitable plan for you:
  • Customized Event Manual (yours to keep for future events)
  • Customized Volunteer Training and Recruiting
  • Weekend Trainings
  • Fundraising Events (Full Service or you collaborate on the duties)

Webinar & Seminars: 

We offer our seminar training both to the general public and to businesses, companies and churches. One on One consultations-coaching is available as well.

To accommodate our customers around the state and nation, we use a Internet conferencing service which will allow our customers to access the trainer's desktop remotely to view the power point presentation.  To listen to the workshop the customer will have to dial in to a predetermined phone number.  

Workshops are:
  •     Approximately 2 hours long.
  •     Can be conducted in 1 on 1 situations or in group setting.
  •     Training topics that build on each other.
  •     Identifies common issues facing both businesses and individuals.
  •     Teaches participants solution focused thinking in dealing with the issues at hand.  
  •     Develop strategies in implementing important changes to oneself and in business practices.
  •     Improves the company or person's professional Image.

Our general workshop material will guide individuals and companies to take their Image to the next level professionally and personally.  Community Based workshops average $45 for the 2 hour program per person.  Please call for group training rates.  Teen workshops are at a discounted rate of $25 per two hour session.

Topics we address:
Personal empowerment components,Youth And Parents Empowerment, leadership, management,  employment issues, business enhancement components, recruiting and training volunteer workers, and church ministry training.

1 on 1 Consulting:  
As stated before, each workshop can be done in a 1 on 1 situation with our training consultant.  If you are looking for a life or business coach, we can start with a workshop topic that is most meaningful to you and launch your coaching sessions.  This type setting makes it easier to tailor to the needs of the participant, and help the individual focus on areas that are important to them.  For more information, contact our office.